It Must Be Magic

magicI don’t understand the internet. Or my computer. Or my phone for that matter.

I’m pretty much convinced that it’s all magic. Mostly a good magic, but magic still.

My son is a professional ‘coder’ but I don’t really understand what that is beyond the fact that he’s about to relocate to Phoenix, AZ to work for a company that will pay him pretty darn good money to do something 98%* of us don’t really understand.

Recently, I’ve had even more reason to believe that there are forces well beyond my control or comprehension at work on my computer. On the micro-social media site Next Door, posts I put up almost a year or more ago suddenly reappeared as if new. I only discovered this when I was forced to respond to messages about a dog I was helping to rehome last February and an adult education class I taught in spring 2018.

In December I began getting notifications about comments, first one, then dozens on a post from a blog I abandoned four years ago. (It’s still archived on my website but I stopped posting to that blog in 2016 when I realized it was impossible for anyone to subscribe to it. Weebly is great for website building but is awful for blogging.)

sick teddy bearHow had the universe discovered one admittedly bad archived four-year-old post, and not just discovered it but passed it along like a virus to all kinds of spammers?

The old blog is buried so deep on my website that it took me a while to even find the suddenly popular post. I scrolled through the comments which were mostly comprised of a misspelled word and/or web addresses, vague compliments from people (or bots) whose first language was obviously not English, or completely random nonsensical babble.

At first, I deleted the comments and marked them as spam, but new comments continued to appear almost daily. So I studied the cringe-worthy post trying to spot what word or phrase or idea could have popped up in the search of international spamming companies.

No idea.

I’ve wasted untold amounts of my mental freetime this past month trying to figure out why any company would leave their website address or bizarre messages in the comments of an obscure blog with no followers and consider it beneficial.

I thought about taking the post down, but for now I’ve decided to leave it up because the comments are so entertaining. Here’s a selection:

 “Most people need to digital book the adventure agents who’re set up to supply an enormous stage for understanding the correct prerequisite of customers. In established truth, the railroad ticketing agents.”

Many people come to the New York to be in place that allows them to act upon the full range of their visions where they enterprise people who like to be master in their own fates and seek to start their own businesses in order to work for themselves and be their own boss for their job.

Men Health Their project, ‘perform you observe what I observe?’, strives to test the beliefs of mental disorder in Australia. Motivating everybody to consider psychological health and wellness in a beneficial illumination, to minimize preconception and give way for even more individuals to find assistance and also assistance.

Make a long-term Plan: You’ll solely achieve success in the event you devise such a scheme that may end in long-term advantages for you. Your rapid concern will likely be to lose some kilos in a fairly quick interval, however since you do, doesn’t imply that you simply stop shedding extra weight and start to eat at any time.

None of this has dispelled my belief that the internet is like Oz and somewhere, someone is behind the curtain, but it has made me wonder if these are messages from the universe.

What could the ‘wellness in a beneficial illumination” mean? Is New York truly the place that will allow me to act upon the full range of my visions? What are ‘adventure agents’ and do railroad ticketing agents really hold the key to established truth? But mostly I’d love to know what the scheme is that may end in long-term advantages for me.

If anything, these bizarre messages possibly from the universe are a reminder that we are all connected in ways we can’t even imagine. My life, or at least my old blog post, is linked to people all over the globe or maybe just to some computer program written by a coder whose mother doesn’t understand what he does for a living.

Either way, I’m still convinced it’s magic.

Hey, thanks for reading. I know you’ve got lots of options, so thanks for sharing a few of your minutes with me.



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Author: Cara Sue Achterberg

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