SHOW YOUR WORK: It is Who You Know

This month leading up to the book release is all about promoting, so it is a good thing that promoting is so fun.


In fact, I find a million distractions to keep me off task.

Today I took a walk with my friend Gina, had a strenuous discussion regarding the current news with my daughter, and tonight I’m knocking off early to go start training my dog, Fanny Wiggles, to dock dive.


We’re going to her best friend’s house who is a lab and has a pool. I’m hoping that Fanny will follow Edith into the water, if not this training could prove more challenging than I thought. Fanny already has the obsessive leap-after-the-ball/toy skill necessary for the sport. Now she just has to do it into water. (I say that like it’s no big thing.)

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Show Your Work

I’m reading a book called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

Show Your Work

The clever little book is written for writers or artists of any kind—those of us who are trying to make a living off our creativity and hard work (and momentary flashes of brilliance). The guy who wrote it is a rich writer. His book Steal Like an Artist made him a ton of money, as I imagine this book will too.

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HELP WANTED: From a Distance

So much can change in a week, right? Our world turns upside down. Everything is different.

And yet it is still the same.

For me, there are still dogs to rescue, family to feed, books and blogs to write, and with spring, a garden to tend.

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Focus, People, The Time to Write is Now

It’s very hard to write when you’re distracted.


For me, pieces flow out in one long deluge, so when other thoughts interrupt, it makes for disjointed writing. It also makes writing feel like a chore instead of an outlet.

I sat down to write this post multiple times over the last week or so. Each time, I had some wonderful gem ready to shine, but once I began typing, my thoughts were hijacked by worries about the cancelation of pretty much everything, especially events that were important to my high school senior.

I start to write and then find my mind wandering to my foster dog beside me or hear the one in the kitchen howling and I wonder what else I could be doing to rescue dogs, especially now that rescues are canceling transports (not ours!), shelters are closing to adoptions and dogs continue to wash up at their doors.


Even now, you probably still have no idea what I’m writing about because I keep interrupting myself.

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Anybody Can Write

As a writer, I hear from would-be writers all the time. They used to write, hope to write someday, had a teacher who told them they should be a writer, and a few who have been working on a novel for years.

The thing about writing is that anybody can do it.

I’m not just saying that. It’s true.

Anybody can write.

What they write, the quality of it, the success of it, well, that’s another story, but that’s not the point.

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It Must Be Magic

magicI don’t understand the internet. Or my computer. Or my phone for that matter.

I’m pretty much convinced that it’s all magic. Mostly a good magic, but magic still.

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I’m Just a Distractible Girl

“The more willing we are willing to separate from distraction and step into the open arms of boredom, the more writing we will get on the page.” -Ann Patchett

#truth: Writing is boring.

My assistants waiting for me to write something

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