Cara Goes to Hollywood

I’m trying to go at this like it’s just a fun adventure. This going to Hollywood thing.

airport leaving

I’m channeling my daughter who took herself to Denmark for four days just because. Normally, I’m a nervous traveler – my brain fuzzes over when I see the barrage of signs in the airport. I panic over and over again. My nerves race when I give my ID and boarding pass to the security guard and I’m anxious waiting for my stuff to make it through the Xray machine—what if my loose tea looks like drugs? It’s not pretty. None of it.

Usually, I have my travel-savvy husband with me and I just follow him. I don’t have to think much, just keep track of my ID and my boarding pass and my phone (in case I get separated from him.)

Thankfully, Reagan National Airport was very straight-forward. There weren’t even any lines. I moved through seamlessly, as if I was a person who did this all the time, strolling through with my roller bag and backpack purse, confidently striding towards Gate 45.

I found an empty standing desk and plugged my computer in and right now, I could be anywhere instead of a nervous woman waiting to board a plane to LA to go to Hollywood to be on a set at Universal tomorrow. (I’ve been trying not to say that or think that too much this week – it makes my pulse race.)

My inspiring view:


But now, standing here, moving over occasionally as one harried traveler after another asks me to make room for their charger on the outlet in front of me, I’m working on an attitude adjustment.

This will be fun.

This will be an adventure.

It will be a pleasant 80 degrees and sunny in California (something it hasn’t been in PA at the same time for months).

I can do this.

I’m an adult and I’m intelligent. Most importantly, I know how to ask for help. So, when I arrive at the Universal City Hilton (nice, right?), I’ll find the concierge and chat him up. I’ll figure out how I get to Gate 4 at Universal tomorrow and then I’ll find the directions I printed out (and saved as a note in my phone and bookmarked the email with the same information) and I’ll find my way to the set.

Once I’m there, I think it will all be good. Larissa, the reporter who picked my book to feature on The Home & Family Show, already feels like a real friend. She is a rescue advocate. She asked all good questions in our planning meeting. I’m excited to meet her. I even packed a copy of each of my novels to give her because she’s told me she’s a reader.

This is just another cool life experience, another adventure this book and my dogs have taken me on.

I’m ready. Ready for whatever happens.

(And if I get in a tight spot, I’ll call my daughter who can handle anything.)

Gotta run they’re calling my flight….

p.s. This feather appeared beside me on the table, but everyone who has placed their device beside me to charge it this afternoon has vanished. Should I take it? Do you think it’s a good omen?

airport feather

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12 thoughts on “Cara Goes to Hollywood”

  1. I hope you took the feather. Traveling is nothing. You have to do it when you’re a famous writer and dog rescuer. You can’t complain. 😉 This is a great moment in your life — savor everything, even the fear. ❤

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