SHOW YOUR WORK Even If It Scares You

Today was a day of reaching out for help.

I worked on letters to the adopters of dogs mentioned in the book, dog-friends, friend-friends, and dog-related media. I didn’t send many of them out. It’s hard to ask for help, even though help is what I need.

I am not very technically gifted and the internet and social media still baffle me on a regular basis. I have to ask my daughter for help navigating Instagram (is it really not very user friendly or am I just old?).  My nebulous hold on Twitter is getting stronger, but I’m way behind on hashtags. I gave up on Tumblr and abandoned the blog I have there. Even Zoom flummoxed me today.

I’ve decided to focus on Facebook. So, today I created a page, just for the new book!

FB cover for book page

You can like/follow here, and I would be SUPER DUPER happy if you did. I’d be even happier if you set clicked the little notification tab and agreed to have FB send you notifications when stuff happens on that page.

It’s a first step. A late first step, but a step nonetheless.

Next step is to recruit a ‘launch team.’ I’m still figuring out what a launch team will do, but thankfully, I have the help of a skilled and experienced writer and dog-hearted person who offered to help me. Tomorrow we ZOOM to figure out the plan.

I’m a pretty self-reliant person. I hate to ask others to do for me, and when I do, I rarely ask directly. I usually drop hints, complain of how I am overloaded, and even occasionally when it comes to my children, employ guilt.

But, you know what? I can’t do this by myself and this is too important not to do it well. So, once again, setting my big fat ego aside, and moving forward.

Once I understand how the launch team will work, I’ll send out more of those carefully crafted letters and hope that a few of my people will want to join my team and help make this book and its message a success.


Yes, I am. But pretty much everything about writing, or at least publishing, is scary.

So bring on the monsters.

I’m ready.

Or at least I will be.

Hey, thanks for reading. I know you’ve got lots of options, so thanks for sharing a few of your minutes with me.


Cara Sue Achterberg with pupCara

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Author: Cara Sue Achterberg

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