Writers Gotta Write (about something)

I always have something to say. (Just ask my husband.)

This is usually true about writing, also. I always have something to write about, but oddly, not today.

Today the distractions have me and my tired-I-didn’t-sleep-so-well mind.


This blog is about writing and the writer’s life. Obviously, there is much that could be said about that, but….

The internet is smothered in writing wisdom. It is everywhere because, well, writers write.

It’s not like horseshoers or knitters or firemen. You could write about those things on a blog and fling it out on the internet and there would probably be a great need and a great audience to find. (Not that horseshoers or knitters or fireman don’t write—some probably do, it’s just that all writers write.)


Everything my foot-dragging, tired mind comes up with has already been written in five thousand gazillion other ways by writers far more successful than I. So I asked myself — What unique writing wisdom do I have to share?

How about ‘How Hosting a Group on Facebook Allows You to Waste Time Legitimately’? (You’re building your platform!)

Or, ‘The Millions of Ways You Can Wander Twitter Aimlessly and Still be Working’? (again, platform, baby!)

Or, The Ten Best Teas to Write With’(Most writers drink tea. Okay, nevermind, most writers drink coffee, but my kind of writer drinks tea. There that’ll set off a controversy! Bring on the comments!)


Or, Search and Rescue of Forgotten Documents’? (this wouldn’t be a technical treatment of the subject, it would be more about interpreting the weird titles you gave your work ten years ago)

Or, Writing for Your Dog’? (something completely new – but would they read it?)


Or, What it Says About You as a Writer if You Answer Instantly When Someone Comments on Your Facebook Post’? (I know I should resist the little Facebook thought bubble that pops up in the lower right-hand corner of my screen every time someone comments on my posts on Facebook, or better yet, disable it, but of course, I take that click bait!)

The possibilities are endless.


So, today I’m writing about nothing.


But you probably figured that out by now.

The reason I’m writing about nothing is that writing about nothing is still writing. It’s still exercising the writing muscles.

And that’s what it usually comes down to.

The writers who succeed are the writers who write.

I know lots of very talented writers who don’t write. They think about writing. They plan to write. They study the craft of writing. But success really does come down to actually writing.

Talk later. I’ve got to get back to writing.

#writer #amwriting

Hey, thanks for reading. I know you’ve got lots of options, so thanks for sharing a few of your minutes with me.



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